Windows 32 Bit vs 64 Bit: What's the Difference (And 64 Bit Software too)

How much of a difference does 64 Bit make?

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You’ve probably seen the choice between 32 Bit and 64 Bit, whether it’s when installing Windows, or downloading software. But do you really know what the difference is? Does it really matter which you choose? 64 Bit is the latest technology, so it’s almost always the best choice, but it is still important to know why.




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44 thoughts on “Windows 32 Bit vs 64 Bit: What's the Difference (And 64 Bit Software too)

  1. Great video T. i had to subscribe ,its well explained ,even i understand it , ok ,im not the more savvy on computers but ,i need to understand why does my computer doesn't recognize some of my hardware( astrophotography cameras,) i have windows 10 , i think i've done almost everything and still nothing ,does windows 10 have compativility issues ? thank you again T.

  2. Some older hardware is no longer supported… not that it CAN NOT still be used … specifically I'm referring to the drivers as I understand 32 bit drivers WILL NOT work with 64 bit OSes … that goes for SOME 32 bit programs as well (well won't work EXACTLY the sameway) that would cost HUGE $$$ for some people like myself

  3. WHO decides what programs are 'malicious'? 'security' is way overblown and always profits… you guessed it… Large Software Corporations, rarely ever REAL PEOPLE…
    As for 16 bit programs… Some of the best, fastest programs ever crafted were written in C and assembly language at the time when resources were limited, under 16-bit Windows. Nowadays to don the same thing you need 1000 times more RAM, disk space and processing speed. I have a draw program from the era, TopDraw, that I still uses after 24 years because it's so quick and effective, it takes up less than 5MB (with sample files) and runs nicely on a 486-25sx with 16MB or RAM and a 80MB hard drive, and a complex file is less than 100K! To do the same thing nowadays, I would need to use Adobe Illustrator that takes up at least 1GB of hard disk space, hardly runs on any system with less than 4GB of RAM, places junk all over the hard drive when you install it and creates files that are 100 times are large for the same results. With all the garbage code created nowadays and bloatware 'upgrades' pushed down our throats, it's no wonder 64-bit computers are desperately needed.
    Sure, 64 bit is better hardware-wise, and for bloated apps that require tons of RAM – but as far as being the end-all and be-all, it's far more contentious. At least, it has the advantage that with better RAM handling, it should finally free us from the tyranny of one OS and one machine, by making it possible, thanks to its better handling of RAM, to efficiently run virtual machines with the OS of our choice for the task at hand with its high privacy advantages, while relegating the host itself to pure hardware management and intrusion prevention duties, without the possibility of interfering nor causing damage to this completely separate user space.

  4. Lol, am using 32bit on 64bit from 6 years( since 2013) onwards, now I come to know , so am switching to 64bit in 2020,.

  5. I have an old laptop Acer aspire v5 431 intel pentium. Which one works well on my laptop? Windows 10 32bit or 64?

  6. 7:38 Windows 10 has 16 bit support!!! i heard that from LTT and i dont think theyre stupid shitheads but mistakes happen and who tf still uses 16bit

  7. I am using a 32 bit right now but i am planning to buy a 64 bit but i am trying to figure out how to know that when i buy it.

  8. Nice video … I want to know how uses ram is it processor or operating system if the processor has 32 bit architecture then then will there be any difference in 32 bit or 64 bit operating system


  9. Hi dudes Have problem was my pc compatible 64 bit When I installing windows 7 64 bit setup was not opening window when I try to in from running of windows error was showing is this app cannot run on your pc plz help me

  10. wow I am running 32 bits but my CPU is a 64 bits from 2012 weirdly enough? Moreover my computer has 4gb of ram put I still have 3 empty slots I think I should upgrade it even tho it's not my main computer anymore

  11. Hey thioJoe. I would like to ask. My motherboard is 32bit and I what to install 64bit is that okay if my motherboard is 32bit and upgrade to 64bit operating system?

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