What does this symbol actually mean? – Adrian Treharne

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Some of the world’s most recognizable symbols exist to sell products. Others, to steer traffic or advance political causes. But there’s one whose main purpose is to help people. You may know it as the wheelchair symbol, but its formal title is the International Symbol of Access. But what does the symbol actually mean? And what is its purpose? Adrian Treharne explains.

Lesson by Adrian Treharne, animation by Kozmonot Animation Studio.

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42 thoughts on “What does this symbol actually mean? – Adrian Treharne

  1. make a symbol which symbolise all the disabilities (visible or not) as group. same as access one works. now combine the new symbol into the first one but smaller in size like the "person in wheelchair" is holding it (or in space inside the circle of what we think is a wheelchair, u choose xD ) and here u are 😀

  2. The symbol is very obviously just a person in a wheelchair, so everyone assumes it's for people in wheelchairs. It would be nice if they chose a more all-purpose symbol to begin with, but everyone's used to this symbol by now. We just need to add a tiny thing to it to denote that it's a symbol for other things too.

  3. Interesting, I just noticed Apple's accessibility icon in the MacOS system preferences area looks like a figure standing in a circle. That might work as an alternative.

  4. Invisible illness is hard for people to wrap their minds around. The hostility from others can really pile-up for those experiencing invisible illnesses. And pressure to constantly defend oneself can be a violation of privacy. There needs to be image reform to represent this population.

  5. I Think the Symbol can stay for place that are Designed for wheelchairs. But to clarify there needs to be a new symbol.
    I always thought those toilets are designed for wheelchairs only and still Think how those Toilets help people with other disabilities.

  6. I used to think it meant "toilet for all" and went in bathrooms with the sign as I pleased.

    How embarrassing

  7. Video editing is on point! Love it! Ofcourse the education aspect of it, goes along with that statement.

  8. I always associated the symbol with the word handicap not the word wheelchair so any disability was in my mind included

  9. They should add a healthy human symbol on the side, so it means "for anyone, even if they have disabilities" 🚹♿

  10. 0:16

    Did anyone saw the ‘soviet union’ symbol?

    Sorry if this is rude😩😩😩

  11. The large bathroom is assumed to be for people who have wheel chairs but it’s actually for people like me who have anxiety disorders to curl up in a corner comfortably and cry

  12. My mom has multiple sclerosis and one day she's walking and one day she has a ms relapse and she had some ms relapses that were so bad she couldn't walk and was stuck in her wheelchair for a few days and Multiple sclerosis is a invisible disability

  13. When i was a kid I thought that the sign meant that wheelchairs can only park here.I got really confused when I saw cars parked there

  14. I have a disability that cannot be seen . I have type 1 diabetes and just many people sometimes got mad at me because of this sign

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