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47 thoughts on “ONE PUNCH MAN ''OVA 1'' REACTION

  1. Genos in OVA: "Is it possible that Master could be a cyborg like me?"
    Genos in EP2: "What about the skin colored armor on your head?"

  2. i think theres a previous OVA called Road to Hero check it out, i mean none of the OVA's are like critical to the story but theyre pretty funny and fill out maybe some minor plot holes and questions about the characters haha

  3. Yeah, all OPM fans feel frustrated because we are the only ones that know what Saitama has done but only Silver Fang and Genos know what he's capable of in the show.

    And Saitama doesn't bother to mention all the powerful monsters he's defeated in the past to the association because to him it was no big deal since all it took was one punch.

  4. I'm still trying to find two Season 2 ovas
    Cant wait for season 2 episode 1, Season 2 really has world building, I love it.
    Edit: The OVAs are nice too, this one is like Episode 2.5

  5. This takes place right after he met genos and genos became his disciple and right before genos moves in with him.

  6. Don't forget, there's an "episode 0" called "Road to hero" its basically an OVA, one of the more entertaining ones.

  7. I figured out the weird "DrSquatch" manly soaps commercials are tailored advertising towards me.. Wtf youtube thinks Im a sasquatch

  8. Thank you for your bright reactions.
    I reviewed my favorite anime with you. Waiting for the rest of the OVA and season 2 💪
    Hello from Russia 🙂

  9. Please start reacting on Demon Slayer.
    Please like this comment if you want him to react on Demon Slayer

  10. Hey glad you also liked the ED. A different character will be singing them theoughout the OVA’s. Inthe same oldie style tone. Its great! 😁

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