Facebook Got Dark Mode Interface for desktop | Dark Mode & Many More Options

Know how to turn on dark mode on Facebook.
In this video, You will see how to activate dark mode Facebook.
In May, Facebook said it was going to redesign the website and bring dark mode to its website and mobile apps. While it began testing dark mode for its Android app in August, it has now started rolling out a beta version of its website with that option to some users too.

Multiple people are being invited to test the new interface. The screenshots shared by testers are akin to design Facebook showed off at its developer conference F8 in May. The new version of the website kinda looks like Twitter:

#facebook_dark_mode #facebook_new_design_2020

This is just a test version, so the final release of dark mode and the new interface might not look the same. Thankfully, if you don’t like the new look, there’s a handy toggle that lets you switch to the good ol’ classic version of the website.
We’ll keep an eye on this, and update you as soon as the new interface and dark mode is available for a wider audience. Fb dark mood, What is dark mode on Facebook. How to change Facebook to dark mode. How to put Facebook on dark mode. How to put Facebook in dark mode. How to make dark mode in Facebook. facebook beta 2020

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33 thoughts on “Facebook Got Dark Mode Interface for desktop | Dark Mode & Many More Options

  1. I cant switch to the beta version…in my main account.but i can switch in my other account..plz help..how can i do i this my main account

  2. Has anyone figured out how to turn off sales format for an individual post in the new version without having to switch back to Classic Format?

  3. I jsut get this version. I kinda like it, but it's kinda confused too… Especially a chat, i dont like there is not option for close all chats in same time

  4. I want to switch back to classic version but there is no option to switch back. How can i switch back to older interface?

  5. It needs more work in terms of functionality… its a bit slower than the old interface… drag and drop feature is not working, the emoji icons don't work sometimes…

  6. Is there any way of changing the colours on a PC / laptop yet on Google Chrome or is it just a light or dark theme as the only options?? I can download a new colour theme if safe but not sure if any will work on the new beta as yet?

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