Facebook Gaming vs Twitch

Facebook Gaming vs Twitch comparison made simple looking directly at the numbers! This includes hours watched, hours streamed, unique channels and average concurrent viewers on Facebook Gaming vs Twitch in Q1 2020 and years prior. This will give us a clear picture of whether you should do your gaming live streams on Facebook Gaming or Twitch in 2020 and beyond.

▶️ In-Depth Streaming Platforms Comparison (the one I mentioned in this video):

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39 thoughts on “Facebook Gaming vs Twitch

  1. Stop emphasizing on percentage growth, obviously since FBG is smaller it's going to have a larger increase in terms of percentage. If you looked at your "most important statistic" near the end for average CCV, both FBG and twitch had the same increase of 170k from Q1 2019-2020

  2. About a year ago pewdiepie announced his partnership with dlive and thats why you see is dip in the streaming accounts from twitch. Not to mention twitch also at some point updated their rules and many streamers were banned from twitch, I dont remember when this happened though.

  3. you also have to consider that you can stream a less streamed game on twitch witch can help you stand out on the most popular streaming service

  4. Don't forget that 75% of viewers and followers on twitch are from viewer bots. "Viewer Labs" for example will give you 100 viewers 100 chat bots every time you go live and 1,200 followers for $90 a month. From my knowledge, facebook, mixer and youtube have no similar systems. Don't be fooled by twitch's success and numbers. Most of them are fake.

  5. Been streaming on Facebook for 1 month consistently and I’m able to average 4-6 people viewing. Which has been super encouraging and makes streams so much more fun actually being able to interact with other humans. Thanks for the knowledge Awall!

  6. One interesting metric to look at!
    If you divide the number of steamers by the number of CCV (concurrent viewers)

    Twitch: ~~.23 (OR for each viewer, there is 4.4 streamers to choose from)

    you can see how many concurrent viewers there are for each streamer. Helps really visualize the opportunity on Facebook.

    P.S. mind you it’s not concurrent streamers but still.

    You earned my sub.

  7. Im a small Livestreamer on FB Gaming, and I notice some growth on my page and I agree on this

    I want to go on Twitch but the competition there are so steep for me as a Beginner Streamer

    thanks for this!

  8. Great info!!! I was debating where to go and I noticed FB had an option. So far its been great and growing everyday!!!

  9. That's video I was looking for. Good comparison of platforms and all data collected in on place. You just changed my mind

  10. I moved from Twitch to Facebook Gaming almost one year ago to the day, and I am currently making my living entirely from streaming and content creation. On Twitch, I was excited to see 10 viewers. Now, I frequently enjoy 400-600 concurrent viewers. In my opinion there is absolutely no contest: FB GG offers so many more tools for discoverability it's not even funny.

    That said, FB GG is in its infancy, and as such is a new frontier where finding support or guidance from the platform can be difficult. Even still, I've never looked back. Great video.

  11. I have started building a Facebook group to help me grow a following. This video has convinced me that I need to work fast on this. Thank you

  12. I’m brand new to streaming and love researching, been spinning in circles trying to figure out the platform should start with. This video helped immensely. Data and facts. Great video! Thank you, Subbed

  13. Press tge like button for facebook gaming press the unlike button for twitch please respect guys love you who respect this comment <3

  14. Shhh don’t tell out secrets.. I just started in December on Facebook gaming. I have 4k followers, my support badge and making a monthly income 3-4k from dono’s. Blew my mind that I grew so fast

  15. Great video! However I’d like your input on this. Facebook’s algorithm for organic reach seems to be abysmal. I cannot seem to pack on viewership unless I share my stream to multiple different facebook groups.

  16. Thanks for the insight. I believe facebook gaming has be slept on and i tried multi streaming twitch and facebook. And I noticed as a small streamer I got more viewers on facebook gaming than on twitch. When I been on twitch longer than facebook gaming. It's crazy. But thank you for this. I'm going to strive and commit to just stay on facebook!

  17. Which platform would you recommend between YouTube gaming, mixer, FB Gaming or twitch. If im a small streamer

  18. Is there a certain spec laptop I should look for when trying to stream my PS4 to Facebook. I’m also going to need a converter. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get an elgato. Is there something I should look for when purchasing the converter and laptop for PS4 to Facebook

  19. Question is there gonna b a Problem if the FACE BOOK GAMING LOGO
    are put in parallel direction.
    Its like 2 Lines Horizontal.

  20. Awall , i just purchased the laptop and headset you recommend for streaming. i have a nikon d5550 dslr, will this work with the camlink for streaming? Thanks for all you do.

  21. Game category needs to be considered when looking at Facebook Gaming too. Free and/or mobile BR games do really well as well as GTA V.

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