Facebook Editor Points & Levels – How to Use Facebook Editor

Facebook Editor Points and Levels

Focuses are given to clients who make alters that are set apart as acknowledged.

Levels are doled out to Editors who get countless. These Levels superseded Super User and Super Editor as a prizes plot from Facebook to Places Editors who have made many acknowledged alters. Levels run from 1 to 100 (the highest).1)

We have no affirmed data in the matter of whether a manager with a more elevated amount has any advantages over the individuals who have bring down levels yet we can make the supposition that alters from those with a larger amount will have more prominent weight to them. Most clients demand this ought to be the situation whether it presently is or not.

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6 thoughts on “Facebook Editor Points & Levels – How to Use Facebook Editor

  1. Is that anonymous? I once made an edit my ex’s page then I received a notif that the page approved the edit. It dawned on me that maybe the page can see who suggested the edit. I don’t want him to think that I’m a stalker since it was Facebook who randomly suggests the page that I’ll edit.

  2. Winter डिजाइनिंग दुनिया Winter डिजाइनिंग दुनिया says:

    What do you mean

  3. yesa hi mere Facebook android me aa Raha hai. aur mujhe nahi malum kya hai. mujhe ise remove karana hai kaise Karu bhai. helf

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