Day in the Life of a Facebook Software Engineer.

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26 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a Facebook Software Engineer.

  1. Want a job at Facebook? Not really? Maybe just a bit? Join me in my interview training program:

  2. Hello , I have all these amazing programs for which you will pay money to get into the places that I personally hate so much

  3. Interesting video, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Question though: Did you not receive any prior warnings? You simply got fired immediately same day without any previous warnings to do things differently? If so, that's almost hard to believe…just curious.

  4. I'm gen X and when people first started using Facebook, I thought there was something wrong with them, and that the whole thing was a bit creepy. 15 years later, I still think the same.

  5. Sometime i'm feel boring too, because everytime i open social media and watching video or reads news or watch story, they keep promoting their brands 😌

  6. Well said on the diversity. Always had that view on life, too many groups, race, more and more categories to differentiate us.

  7. sort of true. can't really have a public private life on the Internet without someone at some corporation having a good or bad opinion. its just the way life works for now. i look at a person who has more wins than losses and helps more than they harm. we're all human. the social media policy at some companies might be a little … shall i say… restrictive… violating even our own constitutional rights in a round about way…

  8. lol – fake fake fake…Facebook is fake..and would have failed like MYSpace if Mark did not purchase Instagram etc.

  9. Honestly I'd get bored working on another video feature if I had already worked on video app development before, especially if the video product at question is already a mature one like YouTube or Facebook. I mean, what are you going to do? Add different closed caption fonts? Hardly innovative; working at the company would just seem like another resume booster.

  10. 7:30 lol as opposed to google? where everything is custom proprietary from IDE and version control software to a bug tracker and everything in between

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