– Complete Spyro MAP – HERO

iT’s BEEN 84 YeARS…

Guys, this is literally the happiest day of my year so far! This MAP has been in progress since August 2014, and to finally have it completed and looking absolutely incredible is such a wonderful accomplishment!

All the participants are credited at the end of the MAP, and they all did such a fantastic job in bringing this project celebrating our favourite little purple dragon and his adventures. Thank you all so much!

Hero – Charlotte Perrelli
Ocean Speedway – Spyro 2 Gateway to Glimmer

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38 thoughts on “– Complete Spyro MAP – HERO

  1. 2:42 Did shela just kick Spyro unconchous, right in front if Srg.Byrd!? It went by too fast to tell.

  2. Let's be honest that bear mr. Rich pants where he is I forgot his name is the real villain I mean come on he pops up the price every time

  3. Always like coming back to this video cuz it really shows what a map should be, a showcase of animators of all talents creating something they all love wherever these artists are i hope artblock strays far away from them

  4. I am in tears. This video represents my childhood times. I remember when i was 3 years old playing spyro 2 ripto's rage & Spyro dawn of the dragon for the first time. I can't explain how much this game means to me. I played all spyro games and almost all skylander games, seriously, this map destroyed me. Im crying how much it turned out, its perfect.
    I am sad for not watched this map before, it looks AMAZING. OwO Congratulations everyone who participated, i hope someday i become good & make nice pmvs like all of you.
    Thank you so much for finish and upload it, seriously. ♡

  5. It's been 2 years..
    But the "I AM ALIVE LIKE A STAR LIKE HERO" Still a brings a spark of energy to me I know I'm late but let me say this is Amazing!

  6. “Heroes can live open roads but they never die alone”
    That just about applies to every single cartoon/movie/book/game/fandom ever 🙂

  7. This is some mad cringy shit! Jesus Christ what is this shit? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. I like this clip because I like Spyro very much. Can you be a Thai person if you answer me? If not, then answer me. I like. Good two Spyro 👏👏👏💛💛

  9. This is so well done! 2:45 is especially cool, seems like the end of an animated series intro, which I wish existed about Spyro and Cynder!

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