#26 HIEN NGUYEN ACNE | Acne blackheads bumps on a perennial acne face

“The most haunting thing in the world for girls is acne. The biggest misfortune in this world is acne ”
I am 20 years old and I’ve been living with acne for 7 years now. Actually, I am not sad because of them. Every day that passes through my mind is always haunting the word “acne” and 7 years is a long time of so much sorrow and tears.
Previously I was not a shy and pessimistic person but now has completely changed myself to become a lot of inferiority due to acne.
Going to college, I realized that I couldn’t live in the dark like that because it meant killing myself. I corrected my temper and tried to get along with people better than I practiced “pimples” and lived happily, I became more optimistic and loved life than before.
But maybe this life is too harsh for people like me. One day, I heard my friends still talking badly about me even though I still had my best friend. Then they even beat retail to hang out and never be there. But I still compressed and normal nothing. I’m still happy to believe that there are still many people who do not matter what they look like, but many people still discriminate “acne”.
This afternoon, our class has PE classes but teachers let us sit and play. The boys play badminton, soccer .. And the girls get together to talk, they gather to take pictures, I can’t take pictures but I go and talk to people but nobody seemed to care what I said and I suddenly felt more lost than ever. Once a friend texted on Facebook asking me “you are a girl with a face like that so why is your mother not worried?” I just smiled back and said “my mom has many other things to worry about”.
Sometimes when I think of the day to protect the project and bring up the acne face … I only think about it and I don’t think about
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28 thoughts on “#26 HIEN NGUYEN ACNE | Acne blackheads bumps on a perennial acne face

  1. You’ve made a BIG MISTAKE by not showing the sac removal on that big one, after we watched and waited. That’s just teasing and us diehard squeezers will not keep watching that sort of video.

  2. Some bumps should be referred to a medical doctor and biopsied. How do you make the call on which ones to refer and which ones to not?

  3. That looked like a cyst under the right eye, but you didn’t remove a sac. Or maybe you did off camera. It may come back.

  4. That was brutal what you did to her face under the eye! She probably needs a penicillin shot and a couple of stitches ! 😡

  5. Wish she would completely empty the pore before moving on… many you clearly see that there’s more sebum still in there. Acne will only get worse if you don’t completely drain the pore.

  6. Hi Hein! Are yu Loans sister working at her other spa? Your techniques are almost identical! Good job, sweetie!

  7. I dont know why but it always makes me laugh when their chasing the blackhead around trying to pick it up after extraction

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